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Art by Star

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Look at this awsome art work done by Star on Monday, 12/22/08,   5:20 pm!

X-mas sneak peak

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Here is a sneak peak of the X-mas party!


Mimo’s answers

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All of Mimo’s answers. I know some of you are having trouble with his clues so I’m here to help.

The first answer is “Rainbow” which is the server.
2nd = The time ” 12:00 PST” or “3:00 Eastern” which is the total number of shoes minus one.
3rd = The time “1:00 PST” or “4:00 Eastern Time” because when you read the riddle the letters “N” “E” and “O” are capitalized. Unscramble them and you get “ONE”


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Screenhog showed us some pics on the new game Card-Jitsu!